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Motor insurance is one of the most demanded forms of insurance these days. It is due to rising number of vehicles on the road. Motor insurance covers two wheeler and four wheeler insurance particularly. Two Wheeler Insurance offered by several Policy providers covers the vehicles used for social, pleasure and domestic purpose. It is also used for the professional purpose that excludes excluding carriage of goods of the insured or employed by the insured’s employees for such purpose. It also excludes the usage for hire / reward, pace making, racing, speed testing, reliability trial, and use for somewhat purpose in the connection with Motor Trade.

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Two Wheeler Insurance Doubts Clarence

What does online bike insurance policy cover?

The online bike insurance covers the damage and loss of the vehicle insured due to self-ignition, Fire, explosion, theft, riot, lightning, burglary, terrorism, earthquake, strike, malicious act, accidental external means, flood, typhoon, road/rail/inland waterway/air transit, landslide or rockslide.

Two-wheeler insurance also provides cover for the authorized liability to 3rd party personal injury as well as property damage happening out of an accident involving the motor as required under the ‘Vehicle Act’.

Online two wheeler insurance policy further givers for the compulsory Accident cover for the owner-driver. Some of the optional extensions included in two wheeler insurance are-

  • Legal liability to driver, cleaner or workman
  • Personal Accident cover to the passenger seating
  • Loss of accessories (electronic and electrical)

What determines the cost of two wheeler insurance?

  • CC or Cubic Capacity (of Engine)- The more the cubic capacity of the vehicle, the higher will be the policy premium.
  • Customizations- Additional features such as personal accident policy cover for the passenger seating on the pillion seat will cost you little higher or extra. Choose the features which you entail the most and create your policy in a manner that meets your needs most affordable.
  • Duration: Long-term two wheeler insurance saves you from the distress of timely renewals. It protects your policy against inflation as well.
  • Policy Cover Deductible– to get a claim for higher deductible can easily afford will overthrow your regular premium.

Moreover, if you’re getting a 2nd hand bike, it is comparatively cheaper to get the online bike insurance transferred in your name as compared to buying a new insurance policy.

Let’s enjoy your riding without being worried about the troubles and mishaps. Support your journeys with a bike insurance, today.

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